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Landscape Design

For over 30 years, we have worked hard to create a reputation for quality, creativity, and workmanship all with a tilt toward the unique. It is our custom designs that separate any other landscape from a Lowenoak landscape. Lowenoak uses the latest and most powerful design software on the market today in order to create Landscape & Hardscape Plans, Construction along with “use of Space” Drawings, presentations and 3D virtual Walk-through capabilities. Our creative Designs and tools allow our Clients and Installation crews to see the finished product long before the construction process even begins. The realistic and accurate product produced in our office for our clients is absolutely astounding. 

Consulting & Project Management

Once a landscape plan is developed, it is easy for the designer to define both materials and phasing of a plan to suit the need of the client.  Project management & consulting requires experience and patience.  We feel that a design is often best implemented by one project manager who has a vision of the end result and understands the necessary process and logistics to bring concepts to reality, no matter the size, while eliminating hassle and uncertainty.



Project Installation

Because we feel that the connection between design and installation is so important Lowenoak offers a full range of installation services ensuring the delivery of the highest quality landscapes in the area.